Hehe I'm definitely not ordering pizza at like fucking midnight

Door dash is useless cause every time I'm tempted to use it no one is open lol

God I really wish I could drag more friends over to the fedi. I keep trying to move away from twitter but I just don't interact with enough people on here ;-;

I tried doing a twitter bridge for a bit but the droplet I'm running this on only has like 80GB of storage, so it just filled up wayyy too quick which is what killed it last time :/

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Oh yeah I forgot to share this here

I released my awful iOS e621 client lol

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I very quickly made this in GIMP, project file in comment

ack, so still trying to recover my server from the crash
My fucking matrix db went down with it
So I gotta fix that now too

Fuck me I'm paying for backups on DO going forward

Heyyyyy so funny thing
My DB got fucked and I lost everything
No idea what kinda impact this has on the accounts I was following and was following me, but this is the exact same username and domain, so maybe it'll all work out? :p


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