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i wish all [domain scalpers] a very [dip your hands in boiling acid and never use a computer ever again]
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Inhalers are for pussies. I just breathe really fast and replenish my oxygen through osmosis

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why do people keep talking ab the netherlands like it's a real place ?? bro it's literally in minecraft ??
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17 days till the suits pretend to care about our rights

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#feditip Mastodon isn't the only social network implementation on the fediverse. Misskey, Pleroma, Friendica, Honk, and Gotosocial (WIP) also offer microblogging. WriteFreely and Plume offer long-form blogging; Peertube offers video streaming; Pixelfed offers image sharing; Mobilizon offers event organization; etc. Everyone on the Fediverse can interact with all these other networks to some degree.

Fedi people tend to take alt text seriously...a bit too seriously IMO. Alt text shouldn't contain significant editorializing or information not found in the image. Save that for your post body.

Decide early if you want a locked profile or not. If your profile is locked then someone being a "mutual" means a lot more; on the other hand you may have less "reach".

Don't get too attached to your first instance. After some time, you might discover a new instance that suits you better.

Not all instances have a super low character limit.
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Cis ppl stop giving long winded excuses for getting name/pronouns wrong and instead just correct yourself and move on Challenge.
Difficulty Level: Impossible

Hey cis ppl, we appreciate you trying, but if you are corrected, you don't need to say:
- "sorry I'm trying my best"
- "you've been X for so long and it's hard to adjust"
- "sorry I'm used to you being X"
- ect.
(These are common with ppl who knew you pre- social transition)

Just correct yourself and move on, *please.*

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I feel like the advantage of being a cat would be that you’re a cat but the disadvantage would be that it’d be more difficult to post

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Jesus Christ had to spend 3 days suspended on Twitter to forgive you for your failed ratios

And if your a mutual looking to join shoot me a message! I'll be happy to get ya set up on my instance :)

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I love how comfy masto is but I need more cool people to follow cause half my feed is the 2 bot accounts I follow lol

For the Twitter peeps drop your link if I don't already follow ya :3

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I'm case anyone is wondering if you can use an HP G5 dock with a Steam Deck:

My favorite post in the thread by far lol


in honor of the iPod brand being discontinued after 20 years, have the infamous macrumors forum thread overflowing with people thinking the 1st gen iPod would fail


Cross post from Twitter 

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Welcome to jemverse! This is a small mostly personal instance for me and my closer friends, but mutuals from other platforms are welcome too!